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Before I went to Singapore I of course heard the food here was good, really really good. Singapore is known for being a melting pot of cultures and with that comes a great variety of food. Every meal I tried different things an not once was I let down by the food of Singapore, I just wished I could have eaten more.

In many blogs and programs you see the hawker centres of Singapore. And yes the food there is good and not expensive but it would be a shame to only visit the hawker centres. Every big mall in Singapore has a food court and in these food courts you can find some of the best food for only a couple of dollars. All asian style dishes you can find in the bigger food courts so if you want an Indonesian nasi lemak, a Korean bibimbap or a Malaysian Laksa everything is possible.

Dining in Singapore?

For the dining and wining experience in Singapore you need to have a bigger budget. With so many good little food stalls I could not see any reason to go out to a restaurant. But one afternoon we stumbled on a little restaurant, the full of luck club in Holland village. Although we only want to have some bao’s the menu convinced us to stay and try out some more food. And yes I felt very lucky when the food arrived. Not only did we ate small bao’s with crab, pork belly and sweet chicken also we had some delicious radish cakes with XO sauce and small fried flowers served with curry floss. I had never tasted curry floss but I felt like a kid again. It is like the grown up spicy version of cotton candy and yes I think it taste good with many things πŸ™‚

China Town

China town is a nice area to spend the night. It is a good place to go souvenir shopping and of course to explore the Chinese kitchen.Β  In the streets with all the souvenir shops you can also find some souvenir shops that only sell food. You can find here many unique foods from Durian candy’s to dried crocodile meat. Everything in these food stores is a little bit pricey but it nice to stroll around and maybe get a taste if you like. One thing I would definitely recommend is to try the Malaysian pre packed ice creams that are soled on the street. I am not a Durian fan so that flavour was reserved for the one next to me but the coconut icecream I had was definitely addicting.

A popular place for tourist to go and eat are the hawker centres in China Town. And although most hawker centres are clean I found the hawker centres in China Town dark, smelly and not that clean. A better option is to go to the small restaurants that are across of the Buddhist temple in China town. There you can find the best Char siew and very tasteful Laksa. Not many tourist here but mainly Chinese old men that are drinking beer and watching a soap opera as if it is the single most important thing of the day.

Food courts in Singapore

Like I said I really liked the food courts in the bigger shopping malls. They are always very clean, the variety is great and you can have a meal for a couple of dollars. Before you order at the first food stall (because it all looks so great) wander around a little bit and see what other people are eating. Also some dishes are quite large so if you want to try different things it is good to share some of the dishes. In the food center of Plaza Singapura we enjoyed a fragrant curry dish served in a sizzling hot bowl that keeps on cooking at your table and some tasteful bibimbap. And if you have some room for more there is always ice kacang or some rainbow cake pops.

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