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cantuccini anise orange
Recipes/ Sweet

Cantuccini with orange and anise

Cantuccini are these perfect crunchy almond biscotti’s that make you long for Italy. I made these Italian cookies a couple of times but always with the traditional flavours of…

bake santiago cake
Food & travel/ Sweet

Santiago cake

Santiago cake is a sweet almond cake that is at its best when you eat it just a little bit warm. This cake is a traditional cake from Santiago…


Healthy cheesecake

8 slicesΒ  – each slice 195 kcalΒ – 14 gr protein – 6,5 gr fat – 20 gr carbs This cheesecake full of protein is the best snack without the…

yoghurt met lavendel

Lavender Love

Lavender in the kitchen is a herb that may not be you first pick when working with herbs in the kitchen but lavender brings a beautiful flavour to some…